It is not often that a pantomime can entertain both children and adults but this was what this production achieved.

Through clever song choices and smashing one liners the audience were in fits of laughter from start to finish.

The production follows the tale of Robin Hood on his quest to stop the Sheriff from taxing all the villagers money whilst trying to free his love, Maid Marion, from the Sheriffs’ castle.

Dom Bradley as Nanny Nora Nellington carries the show from start to finish with his presence, excellent comedic timing and the odd removal of false lashes mid scene.

In the role of Maid Marion, Zoe Richards delivers a beautiful performance full of heart and hope.

Playing the Sheriffs’ mother, Morgan, Andrew Cockroft-Penman steals the show. Through his incredible wardrobe that any diva would be envious of, the absolute dedication in his physical performance and comedy chops he is definitely one to watch.

The set and costumes were most definitely of professional standard and transported the audience into this magical and hilarious world.

Although Act 2 was slow in parts, it was most definitely an excellent show that was enjoyed by all.

Directed by Terri Woodfine, this is not one to miss.

The show runs through until the 16th of January.

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Written by Jackie Turner