With The Fantasticks opening tonight at The Hayes we were extremely lucky to catch up with Jonathan Hickey to chat all things Fantasticks and get to know this extremely talented actor a little better.

Jonathan Hickey and Bobbie-Jean Henning in The Fantasticks (c) Marnya Rothe

How did you get into theatre? 

Well, I started theatre by doing my first musical in Year 7. I played Oliver in the school musical and that kind of started my passion for musical theatre. So, I did the school musical every year until I graduated. Then I went to Italy for a year and came back wondering what I was going to do and my Mum told me that a Musical Theatre course had just opened at the Conservatorium in Brisbane. I auditioned and was lucky enough to get in and I graduated at the end of 2014.

Who is your character in The Fantasticks? 

My character is the young boy, Matt.

Jonathan Hickey in The Fantasticks (c) Marnya Rothe

Would you say you are similar to your character?

Yes, bits here and there. I guess as I’m growing older the world is starting to open up and I’m starting to see more. I went travelling in Europe. The character of Matt is very nature orientated. He loves the world and I guess I have a passion for the beauty of the world and everything that is going on.  He’s young and excited so he’s a fun character to play.

How has it been working with Helen Dallimore?

It’s been great. Helen is awesome. She makes it a really comfortable space to work in. She is definitely cheeky. The whole cast and creative team are amazing. I think it’s the funnest show I have ever done. I mean they are all such lovely people, so generous and they’ve all been really excited. Especially Helen, giving me this opportunity is something I’m going to be forever grateful for.

Laurence Coy, Jonathan Hickey, Bobbie-Jean Henning and Garry Scale in The Fantasticks (c) Marnya Rothe

Now, we’ve heard this production is going in a new direction from the original. Can you tell us about that?

It is, 100 percent. We are not using a harp. We are using a guitar. Our musicians have been playing with the score. Making it a lot darker, more rock orientated. There already are dark themes  in the show and we are just bringing them out.We’re just updating it. It’s still relatable. We had our first audience last Saturday night and it was received really well. The fact that it gets so many laughs and people have such a fun time with the show – it’s all credited to Tom Jones. We are doing the show at The Hayes and I guess that’s what audiences expect from them.

Jonathan Hickey and Bobbie-Jean Henning in The Fantasticks (c) Marnya Rothe

What is the main thing that audiences are going to take from this show?

I think it will definitely remind them of their youth. Every person can relate to this show whether you are a parent or a teen growing up. It’s inspiring and I think people will walk out feeling good about themselves. There is a line that says “the heart must be burnt before it can grow again,” and I think it will remind people what has happened in their lives and what has made them grow as a person.

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Venue: Hayes Theatre Co, 19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point

Season: 11-31 January 2016 (opening night Wednesday 13 January)

Performance Times: Tue – Sat at 7.30pm, Wed* + Sat 2pm and Sun 5pm
*No matinee performance on Wednesday 13 Jan

Prices: Tue-Thu & Sat-Sun matinees $55/ $49 concession; Fri & Sat evening $59/ $54 concession; Previews $49/ $45 concession

Bookings: hayestheatre.com.au or (02) 8065 7337

Written by Jackie Turner