1. Turn your phone off, or at least put it on aeroplane mode. Otherwise you may just feel the wrath of Patti LuPone in all her show-stopping glory. She will find you.


2. If you are late and the lockout period has been applied, don’t get mad at the usher who is just doing their job. Wait patiently until you are allowed to enter and be as quiet and quick as possible. This shows that you respect the other audience members – remember, you’re going to be stuck in the dark next to them for quite a while.

3. Don’t bring noisy food packets in with you to the theatre. It’s annoying and quite frankly, I don’t want to smell your BBQ crisps.

4. Don’t talk whilst the show is on if you can help it. It’s off-putting for the actors on stage and rude to the other audience members who have paid to be there.

5. Cheer at the end of numbers and in the bows. Laugh in the comedic moments. But do NOT call your friends (or any actors) name out whilst they’re in the middle of a scene. “GO EMMA!” is quite off-putting to your friend who is singing about death. The theatre isn’t a concert. Just…don’t do it.

Now that you are quite well versed in some basic theatre etiquette spread these tips around like wildfire and lets put an end to disrespectful (sometimes clueless) audience members!

Written by Jackie Turner