If you have seen the movie The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore then you already know how heartwarming and hilarious this story is. The musical version takes what the movie achieved and intensifies it with even more eighties references and comedic brilliance.

Phoenix Ensemble’s production of this show is everything you could want from The Wedding Singer. It is hilarious, clever and makes for a great night at the theatre.

Brock Dunstan as leading man, Robbie Hart- the Wedding Singer, gives a nod to the comedic genius of Sandler yet still manages to make this character his own. His performance was energetic, smart and most definitely heart felt.

Katya Bryant plays the sweet and loveable Julia, who is trying to plan her own wedding to the worst guy in town.

The chemistry between these two actors was everything I could have hoped for. From the minute they first meet the audience are cheering for these two. Brava!

Honorable mention to Sammy Ge for the utterly brilliant portrayal of George. A performance that left the audience wheezing with laughter and left me wanting a sequel all about him.

Another honourable mention must got to Emily Pluckrose for a wonderful performance as Holly. With her brilliant voice she is certainly one to watch.

This show is definitely not one to miss!

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