Move over Real Housewives and Private Schoolgirls, Brisbane’s #FirstWorldWhiteGirls are coming to Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival. Direct from a sold-out Adelaide Fringe season and Queensland tour, #FirstWorldWhiteGirls are set to appall and delight Melbourne audiences with their hilariously narcissistic comedy and catchy vocals.

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls sees Tiffany, a trust fund princess, and Kendall, a day-drinking trophy wife, delve into the trauma of first world problems. They deal with kale shortages, un-bespoke furniture, battle FOMO and in times of crisis, ask themselves, What Would Kim Kardashian Do? These spoiled songstresses invite the audience into their den of entitlement to laugh, vent and share in their first world pain.

“People make you feel like you should downplay first world problems,” Kendall says. “But they are totes real problems.”

“No problem is too small,” added Tiffany. “Like, this morning, my favourite breakfast place ran out smashed avocado. I was traumatized.”

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls was created, written and composed by Judy Hainsworth, who plays Tiffany, in response to the self-obsession she saw around her. “Tiffany and Kendall are the ultimate spoilt, fame-seeking millennial narcissists,” says Hainsworth. “We all know women like this – and maybe we are all like this a bit ourselves!”

With their designer couture, hair extensions and carefully staged selfies, these girls are what happens when ego, income and entitlement run rampant.

Adds Kaitlin Oliver Parker who plays Kendall, “And first world culture is great fodder for comedy. Dogs in handbags, Kim Kardashian, nutribullets, food trucks – nothing is safe!”

#FirstWorldWhiteGirls is outrageous satire and politically incorrect comedy at its spray-tanned best.

Show Details: #FirstWorldWhiteGirls

Dates: 15-19 June

Time: 7pm

Cost: $25-32

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne