Meryl Streep, you say?

If you thought you were Meryl Streep’s number one fan, I’m sorry to be the one to inform you of this, but 17 year old Meryl Jacobsen has that title covered.

Alexandra Keddie as Meryl Jacobsen.

In I See Me and Meryl Streep, the audience is swept up in the rehearsals for Meryl Jacobsen’s final Year 12 Drama assessment.The mountainous task involves a presentation about a Hollywood actor, and after some fierce coercion, Meryl gets assigned her idol, Meryl Streep.

Alexandra Keddie delivers a true tour de force performance in this one woman cabaret. From the minute she enters the stage, dressed as a fabulous homage to Meryl herself, she has the audience in her palm. With clever song choices, that add both depth and humour, brilliant one-liners and an incredibly accurate impersonation of Meryl Streep, this cabaret has it all.

I See Me and Meryl Streep will make you laugh, cry and reflect on your own idols.

After all, is it really so awful to look up to someone?


Melbourne Season 

Dates: June 21st &22nd.

Time: 10.15pm

Cost: $29 – $37

Venue: The Space, Prahran

Tickets: or call 03 8290 7000