Understudy Productions are gearing up for the Opening Night of their inaugural production of Edges: A Song Cycle. We were lucky enough to chat to multi-talented Music Director and performer Dominic Woodhead to find out more about this exciting show.

When did you first develop your interest in music and theatre?

Well, I started playing classical guitar at age five and played it all through primary school and high school. I dabbled in a few other instruments – a bit of piano. I did a summer school which was run by James Cuskelly where I met Paul Sabey who runs the Musical Theatre department at the [Queensland Conservatorium of Music] and I fell in love with Music Theatre. I auditioned for the [Conservatorium] at the end of my schooling years and I got in so I did three years there and I graduated at the end of 2014 and I have been working there as a Music Director for the past two years.


Can you tell us a little bit about Pasek and Paul’s Edges?

Well, it’s a fabulous little review. They wrote it when they were in Uni and they wrote it because they wanted to be doing stuff that they liked rather than doing other people’s music. It’s a great little piece. It’s textbook contemporary music theatre sort of show and it’s really fun.

Do you have a favourite number in the show?

That’s a tough one. I’d have to say I’m a big fan of ‘Like Breathing’ we’ve sort of mixed up the harmonies and it’s just going to be fabulous. The quality of the musicians in the show are amazing. Maybe ‘I Once Knew’ would be my other [favourite] which is quite fun.


What has it been like both Musically Directing and performing in Edges?

It’s sort of new. For this sort of show it’s a new thing. I did three years at the [Conservatorium] and then started working as a [Music Director] really quickly. So, you know, it took a some time to put the skill set back together and get ready to get back on stage which is different to watching and playing all the time and critiquing, directing and shaping it. It’s not too much of a shift but you know it’s a little bit different having to get out from behind the piano.

Do you have any pre-show warm ups?

A nice big long warm up for me is a key thing. I like to eat way before the show because if I eat too close I’ll feel sick the whole time. I like to play some piano to calm me down, see where my moods at and how I’m feeling.

What do you believe Brisbane audiences will take away from this production of Edges?

Something new. Some reliable particularly for young audiences and people post university. It’s something exciting. It’s nice, short, compact and punchy theatre.

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Edges: A Song Cycle plays from 20th to the 23rd of July.

Metro Arts Brisbane

109 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4001
Brisbane, QLD 4051