Montague Basement will be rounding out its Sydney Fringe season with Sarah Kane’s seminal poetic work at the Erskineville Town Hall.

As director Michaela Savina explains, “Crave is that thing that keeps you up at night.”

Starring Adam Doughty, Clayton Moss, Kate Pimblett and Eleni Schumacher, Crave follows four characters sitting in room. Except maybe they’re not sitting. And perhaps they’re not in a room. And possibly they’re not really characters.
Through their abstract, non-linear conversation, the four characters explore the ugliest and most beautiful parts of being human.
“It makes you look at things you would rather turn away from and yet through this the language is so beautiful and there is such a throughline of hope,” says Savina. “Like you have to wade through the muck but Kane has created this seeking soul that gets you through.”
As Savina explains, Crave has felt particularly relevant in this year.
“2016 has been a bit of a shit fight, hasn’t it?” Savina notes. “It’s like those horrible events that used to happen once a year at most we now see every day in the news. It’s horrible and frustrating, especially with things happening internationally you can feel so powerless.”
According to Savina, Kane’s work offers a way through. “Crave explores how you sit with difficult events while also trying to move forward. You can’t ignore the dark and it’s only through that you can get to the light.”
As Savina notes, now is also a good time to revisit Kane with a little distance.
“Her work is amazing but I think at the time it got a bit tarnished by a sensationalised reputation and her own personal demons,” Savina says.
“She originally put on Crave under a pseudonym specifically so that it wouldn’t be judged in light of her previous work. Now I think enough time has passed that that has faded into the background and the work can stand alone.”
“And it stands up pretty darn well.”
What: Sarah Kane’s Crave
Venue: Erskineville Town Hall
Dates: 20 – 24 September
Times: 7pm
Tickets: $15-$20