Speakeasy HQ is known as the Melbourne home of Vaudeville, housing numerous cabaret acts every week. No stranger to the Speakeasy HQ stage, Matthew Hadgraft performed his homage to Australian music legend, Peter Allen, last Saturday evening and had the audience dancing in (and out of) their seats from start to finish.

With a simple set, complete with a makeshift white baby grand, all eyes were on Hadgraft as he high kicked and shook his maracas in true Peter Allen form. He possesses a boyish charm and sense of humour which the audience absolutely adored. Hadgraft’s musical skills were displayed as he accompanied himself on piano.

Speakeasy HQ is known for its intimate space and whilst it was incredible to watch Hadgraft in such close proximity this tribute would translate spectacularly to bigger venues.

Hadgraft plays an incredible Peter Allen. His story telling skills are great, taking you into the life of Peter. This performance was everything one could have wanted from a Peter Allen tribute.

At one point, Hadgraft had the audience forming a conga line as they laughed, danced and screamed for an encore.

Quiet? Please! The Dazzling Life of Peter Allen will have you out of your seat, shaking your maracas and with Rio stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend.

To make sure you don’t miss Matthew Hadgraft as the Australian icon head to http://speakeasy-hq.com

Written by Jordan Briggs