Side Show is gearing up to premiere at The Hayes theatre later this week. We were lucky enough to catch up with cast member Josh Mulheran to chat about his roles in the show and more.

When did you first develop an interest in theatre?

I started performing way back when I was five. I had a friend who was doing this performing arts in Bowen Hills in Brisbane. I just went along with my friend and she stopped but I kept going. I kind of just fell into this whole performing arts thing and continued it through school and started taking dance lessons outside of school and singing and acting. In high school at one point I decided I wanted to make a career out of performing. I auditioned for Ed5 International in Sydney and spent two years training there.

Josh Mulheran in Side Show rehearsals.  Image provided.

Tell us about your character in Side Show?

In the first act I play one of the freaks. I am playing the half man half woman which is particularly interesting as I have this costume where I have one pant leg and on the other side I have half a dress and then also with the makeup one side is the male and the other side is half drag – so a half lip and one eye lash and one brow.

In the second act, when it moves onto Vaudeville, I play Ray. There is this interesting side story where Buddy proposes to one of the twins, Violet, but he is actually dating Ray. It’s conflicting because Buddy wants to be with a girl because in those times, that’s what you did, but he wants to be with Ray.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Because I’m a dancer I spend about 20 to 30 minutes stretching. I guess my pre-show ritual would be walking into the theatre, listening to music, you know, whatever my Spotify has thrown at me and just getting in the zone to go out and dance for two hours. I feel like for me, each show, if there is someone I’m working particularly close with I’ll make sure I have a little moment with them. So in Side Show, me and Gabriel Brown; who plays Buddy, before we go on and do our first really big dance number we kind of have a little bit of a hug and a press kind of almost college football bump chest kind of ritual.

Gabriel Brown and Josh Mulheran in Side Show rehearsals. Image provided. 

What do you hope audiences will take from this production of Side Show?

It’s one of those interesting shows where you kind of imagine with every Disney movie there’s a Prince but you know in Frozen how it wasn’t the Prince it was her sister who saved her. So I think the really cool thing about this show, especially because of the intimate setting, the audience really gets to focus on Violet and Daisy and Laura Bunting and Kerrie Anne Greenland are such incredible performers.  This show is such a rollercoaster of emotions showing how these two girls have been so badly treated in their lives and they’re looking for their place in the world and it’s this journey of finding out what they want. The main moral to take away I think is that no matter how hard the world wants to change you, you just need to stay true to yourself and that’s all you really need.

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