New World Theatre, as the company has been named, is a fresh, vibrant and innovative company that has already sparked the interest of performers and lovers of theatre across the state.

Director and co-founder of New World Theatre, and local high school drama teacher, Melanie Evans, says the company will be a great venture for the Pine Rivers and Moreton Bay area.

“We are very excited about what’s happening at the moment, but even more excited about what the future holds for us.”

Andrew Wadley, New World Theatre’s co-founder and musical director, is also a local in the Pine Rivers area and business owner of Strathpine Specsavers. Wadley says he can’t wait for audiences to experience their productions.

“We aim to deliver the highest of quality for our audiences, and we think we are off to a fantastic start with our casting and production plans for Songs For A New World.”

Evans and Wadley have worked on numerous productions together within other companies, which inspired the collaboration to create something vibrant and unique for the area.

New World Theatre’s first production will be Jason Robert-Brown’s “Songs For A New World”.

Songs For a New World stars Lara Boyle, Simon Chamberlain, Natalie Ridoutt and Liam O’Byrne.

Songs For A New World plays from November 17 – 20.

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