Seminar: A Comedy, written by Theresa Rebeck, tells the story of four competitive young up-and-coming writers. The play demonstrates how emerging artists can easily be crushed by the views of others, especially those who have walked the same path before them. With a few twists and turns, this play shows how relationships between people can change in an instant.

Some of the cast of SEMINAR: A Comedy. Image by Theresa Harrison. 

Each performer gave a complete and individual interpretation of their character. Darcy Kent, Mark Yeates, Cazz Bainbridge, Ra Chapman and Dion Mills should all be congratulated on their performances. Each actor proved that attention even to the smallest detail can elevate a performance to the next level. As individuals, they were all strong, and as an ensemble even stronger.

Congratulations must go to the director, Matthew Cox. Throughout this production, the thought he gave to each and every element was clear, and ultimately, this produced a tight and insightful play.

This attention to detail was reflected even in the music used to accompany the experience, played both as the audience enters the theatre and throughout the show. Some great jazz standards, as well as classics by Frank Sinatra and others, helped audiences set the scene and added a nice touch to the experience on the whole.

Some of the cast of SEMINAR: A Comedy. Image by Theresa Harrison. 

A special mention must go to the set designer. I found it to be a simple but extremely effective element of this production. It really does prove that you do not need a huge, lavish set to really create a lasting impact on the stage.

Overall Seminar: A Comedy is a thoroughly well written, excellently directed and beautifully performed production where all the elements have worked together to create a wonderful piece of theatre.

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Written by Rhylee Nowell