Mirror Mirror opened at the Pavilion Theatre last Friday evening for a strictly limited run as part of the Spicefire Cabaret Festival. Written, directed and performed by soprano Lauren Ashlea Fraser, Mirror Mirror follows the daughter of an evil queen as she leaves the fairytale land to experience what life is like in the real world.

Lauren Ashlea Fraser and James Whiting. Image supplied.

The cabaret started out extremely tight in terms of storytelling and writing, with some witty and clever moments used to link the story throughout the piece. However, I would love for this cabaret, that has extreme potential, to be developed further, specifically in regards to the plot and transitions.

Lauren showcased her diverse vocals, singing different styles that ranged from opera to musical theatre to pop. The show was extremely vocally challenging, so Lauren should be commended for handling each piece so well and singing as extensively as she did. The show could benefit from some softer songs to showcase more of her beautiful soprano tones.

There were some technical issues that threw Lauren’s performance at times. I hope that this was resolved before the second performance. The microphone provided by the venue was awful, and I hope that the Pavilion Theatre invests in some better quality audio equipment for any future endeavours.

The band for Mirror Mirror, led by James Whiting, was wonderful and played the various songs and styles with ease.

It is a courageous act to write, produce and star in a cabaret, and for this, Lauren should be congratulated. I hope to see Mirror Mirror again in the future and am excited to see how it grows before its next incarnation.

Written by Jackie Turner