At Eurydice’s funeral, nymphs and shepherds lament her loss, and her husband, Orpheus, is inconsolable. He reproaches the gods for their cruelty, and in reply Cupid arrives to tell him that the gods have heard his weeping. They will give Orpheus permission to bring back Eurydice from the dead, but only if he doesn’t look at her until she is in the land of the living. If he does, he will lose her forever.

Starting from December 1 for a strictly limited engagement Orpheus and Eurydice presented by Blue Roo Theatre Company and Opera Queensland will play at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

This thrilling collaboration reunites the awe-inspiring Blue Roo ensemble with five of Opera Queensland’s leading singers in a brand new English translation of Gluck’s opera, accompanied by a live orchestra of outstanding local musicians. Blue Roo Theatre Company is a unique Brisbane arts organisation who create contemporary performances that are led by the artistry, experiences and imagination of the ensemble who live with diverse ability and impairment.

“Seeing the ensemble members perform together on stage alongside Opera Queensland’s artists is nothing short of amazing!” Says Clark Crystal, Blue Roo Theatre Company Artistic Director.

Blue Roo Theatre Company creates contemporary performances lead by the artistry, experiences and imaginations of an ensemble of artists with diverse ability and impairment.

Orpheus and Eurydice is just one of the many ways in which Opera Queensland, Blue Roo Theatre Company and the Judith Wright Centre continue to redefine inclusive community engagement.

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