After being charged with drinking and driving, Dennis Delaney is forced to complete a set amount of hours of community service at the Helensvale Jets Aussie Rules Football Club. However, when Dennis arrives in his brother’s limo, the committee assumes that Dennis is rich and, in turn, the answer to all of their problems. After a series of misunderstandings and assumptions, disaster is bound to ensue.

The cast of The Smell of Money. Image by Ted Auguste. 

The Smell of Money is a brand new comedy, brilliantly written by Gold Coast local Peter Maden. With a sharp and clever book, this play had the audience in stitches from beginning to end.

Helen Maden’s direction was insightful and clear. The ensemble worked with synergy and brilliant comedic timing under her expertise. All of the ensemble members are to be congratulated for their commitment to their characters, each of whom played a valuable role throughout the duration of the piece.

Plays on words became a running theme throughout the show. Both hilarious and cleverly written by Peter Maden, they were scattered throughout the play and allowed the cast to showcase their comedic skills.

The cast 0f The Smell of Money. Image by Ted Auguste. 

A special mention must go to Peter Maden as the Club President, Lance. His comedic prowess entertained and enthralled the audience.

It is truly wonderful to have witnessed the performance of an original story, set on the Gold Coast and written by a Gold Coast local. Javeenbah Theatre Company’s willingness to take this risk and produce new works by local writers is an admirable and important choice that I hope other theatres take note of.

The cast of The Smell of Money. Image by Ted Auguste. 

As the last production to play at Javeenbah Theatre Company this year, The Smell of Money is the cherry on top of what has been a brilliant season.

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Written by Deb Turner