Five friends, countless opinions and ultimately only one destination. An original musical comedy about friendship, travel, love and some other funny stuff. Suitcases, Baggage & Other Synonyms is a hilarious night at the theatre not to be missed.

The cast of Suitcases, Baggage & Other Synonyms. Image by Ken Crundall.

Written and performed by Hannah Daniel, Sarah Jackson, Casey Dolcetta, Melissa Kahraman and Barnaby Reiter, Suitcases, Baggage & Other Synonyms is an Australian musical comedy. It follows five friends as they deliberate over which destination to choose for their impending holiday, a process which proves to be difficult, to say the least.

Throughout the production I found myself in absolute stitches over the sharply delivered one liners. The cast’s individual performances were extremely strong and all worked together seamlessly. I was incredibly impressed with the cast’s vocals when they sung together, especially considering how different their individual styles were. Barnaby Reiter, accompanying the cast on the piano, expertly complemented the overall production.

At times I felt as though the plot grew tiring, as it was very tangential. I do appreciate the style of book the writers were aiming for, but I would have liked it to adopt a slightly different structure in some areas as to not seem repetitive.

The cast of Suitcases, Baggage & Other Synonyms. Image by Ken Crundall.

One standout song was ‘Assholes’, performed by the entire company. This cast worked extremely well together and it was clear that there was a natural chemistry between all of them that added to the performance.

The quick changes at the end of the show were worth the ticket alone for how hilarious the moment was.

Overall, Suitcases, Baggage & Other Synonyms is a hilarious Australian musical comedy that surely will not disappoint. For a great night out at the theatre, this is not one to miss.

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Written by Blaze Bryans