The Road to Stockholm can be best described as a politically inaccurate spy cabaret, featuring a Russian and a Ukrainian pop singer on a mission to create the ultimate Eurovision song.

Created and performed by Jessica Papst and Matthew Hadgraft, The Road to Stockholm is a one hour comedy powerhouse of a cabaret.

Papst and Hadgraft commanded the stage, made evident by the numerous well-executed characters they played throughout the show. Both performers exhibited finesse and comedic chops that simply cannot be taught.

One of the strong points was the easy-to-follow storyline, an aspect that made the show accessible for those who do not have a strong understanding of Eurovision and the hype that surrounds it each year. I believe that the characters and plot of The Road to Stockholm could easily translate to a television miniseries.

This cabaret was full of highlights, ranging from the use of burlesque in Eurovision through to the high stakes faced by the two European pop sensations, Boris and Lenka, as they are forced to team up to win the contest.

Overall, The Road to Stockholm had the audience in stitches from start to finish, and is the best cabaret that I have ever seen at The Butterfly Club. This show is an absolute must see.

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Written by Jordan Briggs