Dear Reader,

It is my privilege and honour to share this celebration with you. Theatre Buzz AU has officially turned one!

The decision to create this publication was one fuelled with an intention of support for the Australia theatre industry and I believe that during our first year we have done just that. We have been able to support community theatre, professional theatre, independent theatre along with numerous opera and cabaret productions.

As a publication we have reviewed exciting new works and the classics. We’ve been able to interview veterans of the Australian stage as well as newcomers that all individually assist in the making of this industry.

I personally would like to thank my team for their never ending support and dedication to the publication. My first thanks must go to my Senior Editor, Charlotte Borland, for all of her work in making sure our published content is at the highest standard it can be. Thanks must also go to my Assistant Editor, Lydia Watkins, for all of her continued support and work for the publication.

Theatre Buzz AU would be nothing without the support of the community who continually share our platform within their social circles. We thank everyone who has liked, commented, followed or shared any of our content in 2016. Without you, our wonderful audience, we would not have grown as exponentially as we did.

A special thanks must go to Kim Reynolds, Tim Carroll and Dom Bradley for their utmost support in assisting to help grow our social media by sharing them extensively on their own platforms.

I would personally like to thank each and everyone of our reviewers for the hard work and time that goes into writing y0ur detailed critiques. The expertise you all have in the field of theatre directly translates to your honest and insightful reviews and I thank you for all for your dedication to the publication and to the art form.

Thank you to all of the wonderful producers and press agents who have worked with us in our first year. We hope to continue working together to continue supporting the wonderful performing arts industry within our country.

Once again, I would like to thank you for reading this article and continuously supporting Theatre Buzz AU.  We have huge plans for 2017 and cannot wait to share more great content with you.

With Great Thanks,

Jackie Turner

Editor-In-Chief of Theatre Buzz AU