First making a name for itself in the USA, [title of show] has charmed audiences with its clever meta-theatrical comedy for over a decade. Understudy Production’s [title of show] is no exception to the buzz that often follows this hilarious tale of writing a musical within a musical. 

The cast of [title of show]. Image by Joel Devereux. 

Playing at Hayward Street Studios the set is simple, effective and provides the backdrop for the four characters writing this musical within a musical over the 90 minute duration of the piece.

Overall, all the performers worked beautifully as an ensemble with stand out vocals individually and collectively. The musical direction by Joel Curtis was one of the sharpest elements of this production, along with his endearing cameo as Larry, the often (always) overlooked accompanist.

Jackson McGovern and Alexander Woodward worked well as writers Hunter and Jeff with a dynamic chemistry between the two. McGovern’s interpretation of Hunter treaded a fine line between intense and hilarious yet sometimes alarming. Whilst I do applaud him on this commitment I would have liked a little more ease to balance out his performance. 

The cast of [title of show]. Image by Joel Devereux. 

Aurélie Roque and Lauren McKenna completed the cast as Susan and Heidi both delivering well-rounded and insightful performances. Roque’s comedic timing and energy as Susan was undeniable and a true pleasure to watch. Mckenna’s sweetness and passion provided the perfect counterpart to her female costar as well as singing the house down in one of the shows most iconic songs “A Way Back to Then.”

Understudy Production’s [title of show] is definitely one to see for any fan of the cast album and for any lover of clever, witty theatre in general.

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