“Every day she met the men of her dreams…unfortunately so did they!”

Cassie George in There’s Something About Mary(s). Image provided.

There’s Something About Mary(s) explores the relationship between every girl and the man by her side, who also happens to have a man by his side. Based on personal experiences, There’s Something About Mary(s) tells the tale of Cassie George and the mildly unhealthy relationship she has with the entire gay community of Brisbane.

“It explores, through nostalgic music and my own personal anecdotes, how one [keeps] the balance between love and friendships, and what happens if you fall in love with your gay best friend,” co-writer and star of the show Cassie George explains with a laugh.

“Hand to god, hand to Sondheim, every story in this show is true…but now we can make fun of it,” she continues.

Now entering the show’s third incarnation, George describes how different the concept was to 18 months ago, when There’s Something About Mary(s) was in its initial creative development stages.

“The show originally was me, my musical director Luke and three gay male backup singers, and they were all part of the story.

“I came to a point where I did the show at Short + Sweet with just me and Luke, and I realised I could do this show on my own, and I didn’t need all of these people to tell my story. So this year we’ve worked on the solo show.”

Luke Volker and Cassie George in There’s Something About Mary(s). Image provided.

Taking the audience on Cassie’s journey from good Christian girl to ‘ultimate fag hag’, There’s Something About Mary(s) explores without fault whether one can keep the Gaggle-of-Gays and Potential Boyfriends in balance, and the consequences that can occur if that scale tips over.

There’s Something About Mary(s) plays from the 23rd to 26th of November at The Brisbane Powerhouse, as part of the Wonderland Festival.

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