Great Southern Band: Sounds of a Generation explores love, friendship and loss all through the great musicians of our barren land.

Jessica Papst, Scott Mackenzie and Caleb Garfinkel. Image by Mike Harrison. 

It was really refreshing to see a performance at The Butterfly Club that was chill and almost conversational. The sit and sing vibe was so natural and effortless due to the technique each of the performers Scott Mackenzie, Jessica Papst and Caleb Garfinkel possess. Their casual demeanour felt open and welcoming. So whether they were singing an intimate ballad, or a power classic, beer-in-hand, we were definitely there for the ride.

I really loved the way they were able to weave in and out of conversation with each other throughout songs. Caleb’s accompaniment on guitar made these transitions really quite special. They would sing a small portion of  song and then continue along with their storyline or use the context of the songs to lead into each other continuing with the chill vibe they had created from the get-go.

Scott Mackenzie. Image by Mike Harrison. 

I think the simple script work was marvellous. It took a little while to crack on that there was an ongoing narrative between the three. Initially I just thought they were expertly segueing between songs but the conversational dialogue led to some strong scenes and conflict between the characters that really gave that extra layer of heart and connection to the piece.

I do want to take a moment to further acknowledge Caleb Garfinkel on the guitar. His craft allowed them, as an ensemble, to showcase the versatility of talent that they all share. It really did add an element of beauty to each song.

Caleb Garfinkel. Image by Mike Harrison. 

On the topic of songs, a notable mention must go to the incredible mash-ups they presented, particularly the Missy Higgins mash-up. The layering was stunning! At the end of the mash-up there was this part when they all came back together in perfect three-part harmony that actually sent shivers up my entire body.

As expected with The Butterfly Club, tech was very simple. However, I really loved the use of colour with the upstage LED’s that were only used in moments that evoked emotion. I thought they spared it very well which made it all the more powerful when utilised.

Jessica Papst and Caleb Garfinkel. Image by Mike Harrison. 

In general, Scott, Jessica and Caleb make a great trio with voices that all meld so well together, not only all at once, but even each with each other. You could add or remove voices from the group and it never felt like something was missing.

If you’re up for a great night with some classic band tunes and a beer in hand, don’t pass this one up, it is truly a gem.

Review by Blaze Bryans

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