Lions, tigers and Aurélie Roque belting the house down – oh my!

Inspired by an international move from her hometown of Kansas to the Land of Oz, Aurélie Roque tells her story through the iconic characters and events of the famed Wizard of Oz. Ironically having left Kansas as a tornado was on its way, Roque muses at the beginning of the piece about how she didn’t write the show, but how the show wrote her.

The show opens with Roque emerging in a sexy take on the famous blue and white checked Dorothy dress. She sings appropriately-written pop songs whilst being accompanied on the piano by the always-impressive Luke Volker, dressed as a wickedly stylish witch and sipping on champagne.

The dynamic between Roque and Volker is something that really makes this show special. The energy exchange, banter and cheeky comments by Volker add that extra level of finesse to this piece of cabaret, helping to elevate Roque’s colourful tale.

Roque explores, through the analogy of the Wizard of Oz, the dualities between her personal story and Dorothy’s. The construction of the piece allows the audience to embark on a journey with Roque, and showcases her comedic, vibrant and engaging personality. Every moment within this show is perfectly placed.

The excellent song choices, all chosen and modified appropriately to serve the piece, showcase Roque’s incredible vocal chops to the fullest extent. Roque has you eating out of the palm of her hand throughout the show, leaving you wanting more and more.

The Ruby Slipper Chronicles is an extremely entertaining show that truly demonstrates the fun, comedy and creativity that can be brought to the world of cabaret.

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