When The Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell is a magnificent playtext that spans over half a century, following the life of a family and showing the absolute best and worst aspects of the human experience.

As Underground Productions’ first play of the season, co-directed by Kurtis Lang and Taylor Davidson, When the Rain Stops Falling has definitely set an exciting pace for the rest of the company’s year. Their direction was intelligent, sweet and beautifully simple.

Whilst the ensemble of actors worked incredibly efficiently in their chosen pairings, Riley McNamara as Gabriel Law and Geena Schwartz as Gabrielle York were infectious to watch, exhibiting undeniable chemistry as they lived our their characters’ heartbreaking love story.

Kell Anderson as Henry Law must be commended for his performance. The pain and internal torture he portrayed as Henry was earth-shatteringly magnificent. Anderson is a true asset to this production and I hope to see more of him in future works in Brisbane.

Although both delivered beautiful performances, it was hard to suspend my disbelief when watching Meg Brocco and Emily McCormick play women in the later years of their lives. I understand this is one of the predicaments student theatre companies often deal with, and it must be understood that I do believe both actors were wonderful, however it just was one moment in the production that didn’t quite sell me.

The lighting design by Laura McKenna was inspired, and truly did set the scenes brilliantly. When used in conjunction with Shea Fox’s soundscape for the production, I really was transported everywhere from dreary London to the beautiful sunrise overlooking Ayers Rock. These elements in particular were definite highlights of the production.

This play is deeply moving, impeccably written and quite a treat to experience. It is important to support student theatre and I urge you to go and see the final performances of this exciting production of When the Rain Stops Falling.

To book tickets head to www.undergroundproductions.org.au