A Russian fangirl with dreams of being a Bond girl. Sexy, mysterious and killer, right?

Well, Katya thinks so too. In this one-woman musical comedy, Jessica Papst shines as Katya the Minx from Minsk.

Papst’s ability to transform into the Belarusian-accented Katya is some of the finest character work I’ve ever witnessed. It is clear that she has an innate ability for storytelling, and that this style of character is definitely one she has perfected.

With Papst’s powerhouse voice, I found myself experiencing goosebumps throughout most of the musical numbers. Each was strong and well put together, and included a mix of songs ranging from Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” to Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang”, which had the entire audience in fits of laughter. Of course, the classic Bond songs one would expect were also honoured, making this show one full of surprises and gratifying favourites.

Papst has a natural sense of comedic timing, which was displayed through Katya’s adventurous story. From Russian family values and horrible boyfriends to a heartfelt depiction of having the strength to truly own your feminine power, Katya’s message rang true from start to finish. It was inspiring to hear a tale of taking on the world as a strong, single, feminist woman.

Whilst at times there was a small lack of flow in the plot, this will undoubtedly be smoothed out in further renditions of the show. However, this ultimately did not detract from the overall experience, which was full of laughter, empowerment and soaring vocals.

If Katya comes to a venue near you, make sure you pay her a visit — I’m sure the packed crowd of theatre-goers who witnessed the Minx from Minsk would agree!

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Written by Jordan Briggs