Going into this show I didn’t know what to expect. An improvised puppet show…for adults. However, I can genuinely say I was in stitches of laughter the entire time.

I was pleasantly overwhelmed with happiness when the cast walked on to stage with blank faced puppets. The premise was that the audience members were able to decide which facial features were put onto each face. Allowing the audience, or the “Jury” as we were placed, to know that they were a part of this completely unscripted and free flowing adventure. I truly felt like a big kid getting to watch his toys come to life. After we collectively decided on the puppets looks, the puppeteers then created characters for the puppets allowing the real improvisation and adventure to begin.

On this particular night, the characters created there was a Russian woman who had been shipped off to Australia in a suitcase. An Arabian theatre director that resided in posh Toorak and just wanted to be loved by the character of Shane. A monster that lived under the theatre stage and just wanted to eat everything possible, Shane’s wife who liked to sing, write cheques and adopt orphans in her spare time, and a serial killer… who surprisingly was not found guilty of this particular murder case.. but admitted to many, many, many other crimes.

These six puppets told their story on how they knew the victim, played by special guest Ross Daniels who the audience was a former ballerina/footballer, who was killed at the MCG by a cat. Each of the puppeteers gloriously explained what each of the alibis were, having the audience engaged for the entirety of the performance.

Each actor had a brilliant and quick sense of humour which was showcased through their incredible improvisational skills and craft. Another commendable aspect of each performance was that the actors were for the other actors and all engaged and helped to flesh out each story which created some real theatrical magic.

Within the shows brilliant construction, the way it was gaged who the “Jury” thought was guilty was by ways of having them clap after each story asking them to cheer whether they believed the character to be innocent or guilty.

Overall, FELT Like Murder is a wonderful piece of improv comedy and left me wanting to return on a different night to see what these incredible creatives would come up with next. However, I do wish there had been more puppets but that’s just the inner child in me being selfish.

The Mighty Littles: FELT Like Murder is currently playing at The Butterfly Club. To book tickets head to thebutterflyclub.com 

Written by Jordan Briggs