Roll up! Roll up! Christmas has arrived at Docklands – and it comes complete with swords, sequins and, of course, Santa.


From the energetic Ringmaster to the narrative nod to The Nutcracker, Santa’s Christmas Spectacular at Docklands in Melbourne strikes a festive balance between nostalgia, old-school circus and pantomime.

With a fair share of “don’t try this at home” moments, each core performer demonstrated their specific set of circus specialty skills, much to the delight of the parents-and-kids audience that filled the red and white circus tent, working mostly in the round. B

eginning with the Rag Doll, and riled up by the Ringmaster, the audience surrounding the action were quickly endeared to the plight of the sad Soldier who has lost his Christmas Fairy. As the rescue mission played out, the evening was accentuated by the wonderfully child-like Elves.

Their prowess in balance, juggling and trampoline work was made all the more entertaining by their understanding of Clown and how to use it to best entertain young audiences. With each attempt to return the Christmas Fairy to her cheery gang of Circus folk, the children became more and more involved, as the Ringmaster invited them to shout, applaud and (much to their delight) even hop on stage and help with the rescue!

Despite a couple of hiccups in the execution of tricks and skills, the magic of live theatre and the Christmas spirit were well and truly alive under the Big Top, and a visit from the Man himself topped off a charming start to the silly season.

With a number of rides also available, the early showtime of 6:30pm coupled with sunny daylight savings makes for quite the evening, ideal for young families looking for some Christmas entertainment.

Santa’s Christmas Spectacular is on through to December 23. For more information head to 

Written by Jessica Papst