Melbourne improv comedy troupe The Big HOO-HAA are taking Melbourne by storm every Friday night at The Butterfly Club as they navigate their way, with the audience’s help, through a vast array of entertaining scenarios.

HH_Group_03 web - Photo credit Mark_Gambino (1)
The ensemble of The Big HOO-HAA. Image by Mark Gambino. 

Similar to the styles of popular comedy programmes Who’s Line Is It Anyway? and Thank God You’re Here, The Big HOO-HAA is bound to be a night out full of twists, turns and, most importantly, laughter.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about this performance was how relaxed and comfortable the comedians made the audience feel. This was particularly important as the majority of the show is centred around audience participation, and these performers cultivated this relationship seamlessly.

HOO-HAA Hero image - photo credit Mark Gambino
The ensemble of The Big HOO-HAA. Image by Mark Gambino. 

Whilst it is an improv comedy show, there are different sections that aim to keep the content fresh and engaging. A lot of the games require audience suggestions, and the comedians are tasked with rolling with the punches. For example, in the game ‘Speed Dating Mimes’, the audience would give two performers three words and they would then have to mime these characteristics to their teammates. One of the more interesting scenarios was when they had to mime an ‘enthusiastic undertaker who collects match sticks as Banksy’.

The Big Hoo-Ha was absolutely pants-wettingly funny, and is a night out you certainly will not forget anytime soon. The Big HOO-HAA is on every Friday evening at The Butterfly Club through to the 21 December 2018. To book tickets head to