Three years ago, I created this little theatre publication. I was 20 years old, a second year Journalism/Arts student and had a strong desire to showcase all of the incredible talent that I saw in the Australian theatre industry.

In these three years, this little publication that could kept reaching more and more people through all of the reviews, interviews and articles published. It shone the spotlight on so many upcoming artists as well as those already well-established in their careers.

However, as things inevitably grow and change, so do people, including myself. It is with this post that I am announcing an indefinite hiatus for Theatre Buzz AU. The works published will always remain on the site and the social platforms will still always be there for your enjoyment.

I would like to thank all of the writers, reviewers, performers, interviewees, publicists and PR agencies for all of their support in providing valuable content for our readers.

I would also personally like to thank everyone who ever read, shared, liked or commented on any Theatre Buzz AU content.

Here’s to the Australian theatre industry and may it continue to grow and change for the better.

With many thanks,

Jackie Turner Editor-In-Chief/Creator of Theatre Buzz AU